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At Yuma Christian Academy we recognize every family is unique. We strive to provide a wide variety of options in consideration of each family’s individual financial situation, making our tuition affordable to many families who could not otherwise join our school community.


These options include family discounts, scholarships, tax credit tuition assistance and variable (need-based tuition assistance). To assess the need for tuition assistance, parents must schedule an appointment with the front office and fill out all applicable forms. Please note, tuition assistance is not available for students in our Preschool programs.

Many YCA families receive low-income tuition assistance through STOs (School Tuition Organizations) such as STAY (School Tuition Association of Yuma) and ALF (Arizona Leadership Foundation). These organizations can help make Christian education accessible to all students who desire to attend YCA. Families may apply for assistance through these organizations year-round. Links to our primary STO providers are below along with a link to the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Program (available for students with an IEP or other special qualifiers).

Each organization has different qualifying criteria. Please read through their information carefully and pay careful attention to deadlines and required paperwork. For students who don't qualify as low-income, parents can still take advantage of scholarships through Individual Tax Credit donations that can include recommendations for a particular student and a particular school.

These STO agencies are phenomenal resources who believe, as we do, that parents should have a choice when it comes to the education of their children. While you are on their websites please consider supporting their donors and using your own tax dollars to support school choice!

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